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Drama Club

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Straughn High School Drama Club

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Drama Club

Sponsor- Mrs. Marsha Fowler

The SHS Drama Club is comprised of students either presently taking or have taken drama class and want to be part of the Drama Club.  The Drama Club encourages current members to do their best in during performances and lend a hand when plays are being performed.  Once a drama club member, always a drama club member!  Drama Club dues are $5.00. The drama club also likes to have parties because they are such energetic people they need a lot of FOOD and DRINK--and they just like to host parties!

Drama class is an elective class that is a great deal of funThere is an old proverb that states, "If thou [has] two pennies, with one buy bread.  With the other buy a hyacinth for the soul."  In today's world, it is especially important to feed our inner self, and theatre can do this. 

Drama helps students to creatively explore life's challenges and relationships.  Drama classes are action packed, so students and the teacher(s) get to enjoy sharing excitement and the satisfaction of performing within the discipline of the theatre's demands.  It is the one class that not only allows, but encourages, students to speak up, to speak loudly, to act on a whim, etc. and NOT get into trouble for doing so!

Drama students learn how to develop their inner resources; they learn to "loosen up," to emphasize believable action, to develop their sense of observation, to develop their concentration, to strengthen sense recall, to strengthen their imaginations, and to develop emotions repsone.  They also learn movement-how to follow stage directions, how to utilize motivation, how to practice basic movement (graining their bodies), and how to handle special movement problems.  Students learn voice as well: improving voice, reading orally, retelling stories, interpreting the character's lines, and memorizing.  Drama students learns about characterization-analyzing character(s), creating a character in a play, playing humorous scenes, and playing serious scenes.  Students also learn about production-doing make-up, dressing in character, director's duties, setting and lighting the stage.

Taking a drama class does not mean that all drama students will become professional actors or actresses; it does, however, mean that they have been in a class that stimulates their creative abilities, develops their inner resources that can and should help them lead an enriched life!  Drama classes nurture cultural appreciation, exposing students to plays that have been written by some of the world's greatest thinkers.  " students obtain a wide theatre background, they not only gain appreciation of the great arts, they also develop standards of judgment whereby they can recognize, respect, and demand good theatre, while rejecting that which is inferior or shoddy"  (Tanner xii).