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Student Government Association

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Student Government Association is designed to be the liaison between students and faculty in the governing of the school, to encourage and model diversity, to foster and facilitate community relations and involvement, and to enhance leadership qualities.

 Members are elected each spring, usually in April, by majority vote.

Sponsor- Molly Bailey & Erica Ziglar


The qualifications to run for Office:

Students currently in grade 8-11 who have a "C" average, ten student signatures, and three teacher signatures may run. Only seniors may be President (unless extenuating circumstances exist) and need to have served as an officer in the past. All other students my run for other offices or class representative.

Campaign speeches will be given to the student body in the gym. Students running for office may give a speech (no longer than 10 minutes). Those students running for class representatives do not give speeches. Students campaign by using posters and flyers; the giving of candy is no longer allowed. 


Student Council Schedule of Events

1. Homecoming Week

2. Alumni reception

3. Red Ribbon Week

4. Veteran's Day

5. Christmas family

6. Miss Straughn Pageant

7. Red Cross Blood Drive

8. SGA Elections

9. National Teacher Appreciation Week

10. National Secretary's Day

11. National Education Week



The SGA is very active during the school year. We were responsible for the homecoming activities, also the crowning of the queen, the alumni reception, and the homecoming dance.  We also, will conduct Red Ribbon Week, will hold a Veteran's Day program. We plan to go shopping and provide Christmas for four children, as we have done in the past. We also will continue the tradition of planning and holding the Miss Straughn Pageant. During the spring, we hold a Red Cross blood drive