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Practice Resources for AHSGE and ACT
Thursday, January 21, 2010
  • AHSGE Item Specifications (
    1. Schools
    2. Central High School
    3. AHSGE Objectives
    4. Item Specifications (reading, language, math, social studies, science, and biology)
  •  AHSGE Item Specifications/Power Points/Flash Cards (
    1. Curriculum/Instruction
    2. Secondary Curriculum
    3.Testing Resources
    4.AHSGE Resources
    5.Document Link
  • AHSGE "So You Want to Be a Millionaire" (
    1.Gadsen City High School Homepage
    2.Academics/Graduation Exam Practice
    3.Game Format: Biology, Social Studies, Language, and Mathematics
  • AHSGE Item Specifications (
    3.Student Assessment
    4.Alabama High School Graduation Exam
    5.Item Specifications
  • AHSGE Flash Cards and Power Point Presentations (
    1. AHSGE--Alabama High School Graduation Exam Practice
    2.(Left Slide--AHSGE Review)
    3.Power Point Presentations and study information
  • Anniston City Library (
    1.Learning Express
    2.High School and/or College Preparation Practice Tests
    3.Technical and Career College Skills Practice Tests
    4.ACT, SAT, AP Biology, Citizenship (Social Studies) Practice Tests
    5. Practice Tests for Reading, Social Studies, and Science
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